Battalious Tech

Welcome to Battalious Tech!

How Battalious Tech came to be

This group was created by a 14 year old highschool student who got bored and decided to start a company.
What he decided to do was think of ideas for what he could and thought of making a small organization where he could actually do three things he loves which are Coding, Building computers, and Gaming.
This small soon-to-be company will be building computers, creating programs, creating and testing games, and provide tech support in some areas.

What we will be doing?

Building work/gaming computers

Computers may be simple to build once you get the hang of it but they cost a lot of money so at the beginning we will start only be building low-end gaming/work pc's.

Creating custom tools and utilities.

We will be creating new programs for different things. Whether it be a program to help begininners code their own websites or for large companies to easily expand their workforce with a job finding app, all of it will be made by us sometime in the future.

Creating and testing video games

We will be making simple (and free) flash and HTML5 games and will soon start using more difficult coding languages.